Field Trip Friday

Yesterday was Field Trip day.  Kiddo had finished a math book and a phonics book, so as a reward she chose to go to the children’s museum.  It turned out to be a long day with lots of ups and downs.

We started out by going to get Uncle.  The kids Uncle is around 50 years old, and autistic.  We like to take him on Field Trips with us, but it makes for a long day as he lives 45 min. away and we have to go get him.  Then we went to the museum.  It is only Feb, but it was a Friday and there were several bus loads of school kids there.  It was rather crowded, and we only stayed till around 1:00.  

On the way home, we ran several errands including going to the library.  When we got home I opened the doors for the kids and went to get the mail.  When I came back, Uncle had closed the doors of the van and was anxious to push the button to close the garage door.  He did and I ushered Dearie and Kiddo into the house.  I thought that Honey was already inside.  After about 5 or 10 min. I yelled upstairs for Honey, just to make sure that she was there.  She wasn’t!  I asked Dearie if she had come in, and Dearie said yes, but I checked the van anyway.  As I opened the door to the garage, I saw this little face peering out of the van window!  She couldn’t get the van door open. I opened the door, and let her out.  She was pretty upset.  She sat with me for about 30 min.  and then was back to her old self!

I asked everyone what they like best about the museum.  Dearie liked the new exhibit, Honey liked everything, Kiddo liked the pet hospital, and Uncle liked pushing buttons.  Uncle washed the dishes for me, and loaded and unloaded the dishwasher.  He can be a great help, but at other times he more like an overgrown 2yo.  We took him out for dinner, and when we got home I taught Honey how to get out of the van, just in case she ever gets stuck in there again.  I told her that if she is stuck in the van, she is allowed to crawl over the seats into the front and open the passenger door.  It is a lot easier to open than the sliding doors are.

After dropping the kids and Dh off at home, I took Uncle home.  Overall it was a good day.


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