I got the results from Dearie’s Explore test today.  (Remember the Explore test is a standardized test designed to be given to 8th graders.)   Her scores were very high compared to 8th graders.   I was proud.  Then I looked up how she compared to other 3rd graders who took the test.  I started feeling nauseous.  Breathe.  Breathe.  She is still the same kid.  These are just numbers. 

It does explain why the 7th grade science is working so well, and why she is flying through math, and tells me that I really need to get on the ball as far as language arts goes.  The results included a section that showed what she should know (according to her results) and what she should be working on.  Some of the math things it recommended that she work on, I wouldn’t know how to do without looking them up. (And I had a math minor in college.)  This is going to be a challenge to stay ahead of her, or to  just stay even with her. 

Can’t let life get boring!


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2 Responses to “OH. MY. WORD.”

  1. kelly Says:

    Because when we get bored…then we really get in trouble. So you see, God is keeping you from trouble….hahahaha.

  2. hnracademy Says:

    You are so NOT funny! 😉

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