I wonder what they think.

Last night was home group night.  The people who usually host the group are re-doing their bathroom, so the group has been moving around a lot.  We were at a new house last night.  The couple has a son who is about 12 or 13 and he brought out his Rubik’s cube to show off.  It was a solved cube, so I picked it up and quickly produced a pattern.  He was a little miffed, I stole his trick!  He also had a 4 X 4 cube, and I started to work it, but I stopped when he asked me how I was doing it.  I showed him the first couple of steps.  (I can’t solve this one all the way, but I can get really close.)  He was trying, but I don’t think he really got what I was trying to show him.  Then I showed him another trick on the regular cube.  I’m not sure if he got that one or not. 

Late last night as I went to bed I was wondering what the other ladies must have thought.  They have no interest in things like Rubik’s cubes, and they must think I’m a little weird (the ones who have known me a long time already have this figured out I’m sure).  Then I wondered what they would think if they knew that after we came home and put the kids to bed, we sat down to watch a video.  The entertainment for the night?  A lecture series on Calculus. 

No wonder our kids are a little weird.


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