Consumer Math

The other day the Alpha Omega catalog came, and I was leafing through it.  We do use a couple of AO products, but none that I am thrilled with.  As I looked through it I was teasing Dearie asking her if she wanted to do more Life Pacs, or this or that…   Then the Consumer Math caught my eye.  I plan to have her do it in a few years as it covers a lot of practical stuff.  So I told her that some day she was going to do Consumer Math and she replied that she was not a consumer!  (She was teasing.)  I told her that she bought things so she was a consumer.  She then gets this big grin on her face and says, “I’m a consumer!”  I looked at her and she says, “I’m an omnivore!”  She laughed and laughed, it was rather funny.  (Her science book has just covered consumers (animals) and producers (plants) and omnivores and herbivores.)

Dearie took the AO catalog to bed with her last night.  I can’t imagine why, its not like it is interesting or anything.  Now when the Sonlight Catalog gets here, that is some good reading.


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