You can send Kiddo an e-mail.

I just found out that you can send Kiddo an e-mail.  You will have to google ‘our big city’ Children’s Hospital, on the left side of the main page click on Patient and visitor info.  When you get to that page click on ’email a patient.’  Just fill in the form and hopefully Kiddo will get it.

(Sorry to those of you who don’t know us IRL, but for those that do this will be fun.)


2 Responses to “You can send Kiddo an e-mail.”

  1. kelly Says:

    that’s cool….we tried it so if she doesn’t get it…let us know

  2. hnracademy Says:

    She got it and another one from a SL friend today. I thought that it was pretty cool, but she was more interested in watching TV, LOL. I will keep them for her as a keepsake.

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