Dh bought some peanuts (in the shell) the other night.  The girls were excited about them, so at dinner time Honey asked if she could have some.  I said yes, and she went and got a few out of the bag. 

She tried one and said, “These are really salty Mom.” 

Even though I had not seen her eat it, I knew.  I said, “You don’t eat the whole thing Honey, you have to take the nut out of the shell first.” 


The girls all had a lot of fun eating them after that.  Honey did eat that first peanut whole, shell and all (ewww), but after that she only ate the nuts.  She said that they are better without the shell.  I think that outside is a great place to eat peanuts, so watch where you walk if you come to visit us.

One Response to “Peanuts.”

  1. Jenny Says:

    my DH will occasionally eat a bit of shell when the peanuts are not salty enough. I to have tried a bit of it. Too much fiber if you ask me.

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