Life Lessons

Some things can’t be learned in school, even in homeschool.  They are learned though experience.  Some that have been learned today…

Nail polish is best put on outside so that Mom doesn’t complain about the smell.

When you put nail polish on your knee, it stings when Mom takes it off.

When you put nail polish on your sister’s face, and she has a scrape near where you put the polish, she will SCREAM when Mom takes it off.

It is best to only put nail polish on nails. 🙂

If you don’t put the wet clothes in the dryer when Mom reminds you to, you might have to stay home from the Dollar Store so that the laundry can get done.

It is best to do your chores when you are told to do them. 🙂

Unloading the dishwasher is more fun if you have help. 🙂



On the school side of things, Kiddo finished her phonics book today.  There are several books left in the series, but she is not going to start another one until fall.  She will work on math all summer, but we will not make a big deal out of it.

Honey is doing well with her new Spelling program.  It goes a long way towards teaching phonics, and I hope that it will help her reading.  She is reading easy books right now, but there is still a lot of challenge in them.  We will keep reading all summer.

Dearie is getting close to finishing up Science and English.  She still has a month or so in each, but the end is in sight.  History is going a bit slower.  I haven’t decided if we should work all summer so that she can finish, or just take a break and pick up where we left off in the fall.  It doesn’t really matter if you learn American History in third, forth, or fifth grade as long as you learn it. 


The girls and I are talking about doing our own ‘Summer Reading Program’ this year.  It has several advantages over the library (or other) program.  The main advantage being that it can be customized to each kid.  Dearie will have to read 100 books of at least 100 pages.  Kiddo will have to read at least 100 books of at least 60 pages.  And Honey will have to read 200-300 book (I haven’t decided yet) with no page limit.  There will be prizes along the way and a big prize at the end.  (Honey really wants a new fish.)   The advantage of counting books over time (the library records time) is that the kids can read whenever they want and just show me the book at the end.  It is harder for them to keep track of time.  I think that it will be a big encouragement to them to read this summer. 

Kiddo is still having a hard time understanding why Honey gets to read “easy” books, but I have told her that each person has to read books that are good for them. I don’t think that she understands, but for now she trusts me on it.


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