The new background playground.

The first part of the new play-setis up. Their grandmother (Dh’s Mom) wanted to get them a group present for their birthdays.  We decided on some new backyard play stuff, but couldn’t find anything in her price range (which was not cheap) so my dad agreed to put it up.  He designed a very unique play-set, and the kids love it.  My dad took some rope and made a rope bridge that makes a triangle between three trees.  The kids love it!  Dearie has complained of being nauseous couple of times now.  I think that she is getting sea-sick from walking on the swaying rope.  I’m sure that all of the kids will be sore tomorrow.  The rope has already stretched some, but they don’t seem to have any trouble walking on a very loose rope (as long as they have the guide ropes to hang on to).   The best part is that there are still a couple of more things to come!  It should keep them busy all summer.


4 Responses to “The new background playground.”

  1. Jenny Says:

    We can’t wait to come visit and see the new bridges. I’ve heard about it from a few different sources :). I just hope my oldest will want to try it.

  2. Jenny Says:

    just curious How high off the ground are they?

  3. hnracademy Says:

    When she sees my kids get on without any hesitation, she’ll be on in a second. I’ve been surprised at how fast they took to it. It is only about three feet off of the ground, about the same as the platform on the swing-set. Dearie can reach the guide ropes from the ground. She can even get on in the middle of the rope without any aid. That surprised me too!

  4. kelly Says:


    Maybe I should send you our sea sickness braclets!!

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