New Bed

Kiddo has a new bed.  She has been wanting to give up the toddler bed for a while now, and there are bunk beds in her room, but Dearie did not want to share the bunk beds.  Actually Dearie just does not like change and this was a big change.  So finally Dearie decided that Kiddo could have the top bunk (the original plan was for Dearie to have the top bunk, but she didn’t want to move) and after about a week of putting it off, she cleaned all of her stuff off of it for Kiddo. 

Last night, I didn’t even tell them to go to bed, they just did!  I think they like the new sleeping arrangement.


One Response to “New Bed”

  1. Jenny Says:

    ah, change can be so hard. how do you handle the change of moving?

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