Bible Bowl Nationals

We are home from the National Bible Bowl competition.  We had a great time! 

Dearie’s team tied for 9th place out of more than 50 teams.  The top 8 places got medals, so they just missed that.  Dearie seems fine with it.  She knows that she is not the one who wins or looses the games for the team.  Miss E has that role, and she seems fine with it too.  I’m not sure how her parents are doing, but they will get over it.

All of the girls went and the highlight was staying in a hotel.  They all enjoyed the glass elevators, the escalators, and all the new things to see.  We stayed on the 12th floor but the hotel had 20 floors.  We went up to the top one time just to see and it was a rather dizzying experience.  I think that my favorite part was room service!  (We ordered pizza one night.) 

We all ate regular (fast) food for the trip, and the girls did great!  I ended up with a migraine, but not till we got home.  I think that I may be lightening up on their diet, but it looks like I will still have to be careful with mine.


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