I think that the girls would make great unschoolers.

Unschooling, child led learning, dumping the textbooks, all names for letting a child take charge of their education.  No its not going to totally happen here, but for these two weeks of summer that I am requiring no work from them, it is what is happening.  So far they have looked up fossils, looked for fossils, made a pillow, made a ton of bead projects, made wave bottles (oil and water), made clothes for a doll, made a house for a stuffed bunny, and talked about making a rain gauge!  All that in just two days of no school!  I can see why people un-school.  I can also see why it wouldn’t work for us.  There are some things that are work, and it is not fun to learn them, but they have to be learned.  That is why we have a schedule and a list of things to get through each year.  But summer unschooling is fun!


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