Day 2 went pretty smoothly

There were more bumps and bruises yesterday as the kids became more comfortable with the backyard.  (The more comfortable they are, the more they run, and the more they fall and get hurt.)  It seems that for most of the boys, the back yard is the favorite thing.  The sad thing is that today it is raining, and it is supposed to rain all day.  I don’t think that they will be out there too much today. 

Last night I re-worked the lesson plans some since I can’t use the backyard as a filler.  I had planned a movie, that we can’t watch so instead I am going to do an on-line dissection of a frog using the TV as a monitor.  I will also have the kids make the organs out of play-dough as we work through the dissection.  That should use up a good hour.

I wish that I had only made the camp last till 3, but sometimes you just have to try it to see what works. 

PS  I dreamed about working in day-care last night.  I wonder why?


One Response to “Day 2 went pretty smoothly”

  1. ksb08 Says:

    Sounds like lots of fun…wish we could be there. I hope you survived the week and that it didn’t rain every day.

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