One down / one to go!

Frog camp is over.  The kids had a great time, most of them were sad that it was only four days long.  (To bad, I have my sanity to think of after all, LOL.)  Honestly though, even I had a great time.  I had forgotten how much fun a large group of kids can be.  (3 is WAY different from 17)  We had 17 for most of the week, 14 campers and 3 big kid helpers.  One of the campers got the Chicken Pox at the last min. and was not able to come.  He is at an age that puts him between Frog and Bridge camp, so he is going to come to Bridge camp. 

It did rain all day one day and I would not let the kids outside. It was wet the next day, but not raining so they did play outside, but they also did track in some mud.  Oh well!  I expected it.  I had it set up so that the kids would rotate through centers and the big kids would help them with the centers.  It worked very well, at time even I had nothing to do but walk in circles and watch what was going on.  We also did group activities and one of the favorite was watching the dissection on this site  We used the TV as a monitor so that all of the kids could see, but they took turns working the computer.  They also made all of the organs out of model magic as we watched.  It was better than the actual dissection!  It was hard to set up the dissection so that all of the kids could see and they got antsy pretty fast, but it was the last thing of the camp so I just sent them in the other room until we were about done, then they went outside.


Bridge camp starts one week from Mon. and NO I am not ready, but I will be by then.  I do pretty well thinking on my feet, sometimes it is easier to see how to do an activity when everyone is right there than to plan it ahead.  Oh, I plan and plan and plan, but I also change my plans A LOT.  Now that I have been through Frog camp, I will change some things.  Now that I know how the layout of the house works, and I think that I have a better feel for how long things will take.  I will let you know how Bridge camp goes.


One Response to “One down / one to go!”

  1. ksb08 Says:

    I’m glad it went so well. I know what you mean about changing plans….things never go quite like we think. Or in the midst of them, we think of something better. It’s funny how you and I are so different and yet so similar too…..

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