What do I want for my birthday?

Dearie has been rather upset today.  She is upset that her sisters got cool things for their birthdays, but there was nothing that she wanted for her birthday.  After much discussion I realized that it wasn’t so much that she didn’t want anything as that there aren’t any cool things that she could have.  (Did that make sense?  She wants something but doesn’t know what.)  So I sat her down and we looked at amazon at all of the cool things that they have for older kids.  Wow, what a difference that made.  Now she is happy.  She would like a pottery wheel and a DNA kit for her birthday.  A loom might be nice too.  So right now?  She is upstairs singing DNA, DNA, DNAaaaa to her dad.  (She said, “Its the DNA song, you know like on Elmo’s World.”)  Do I even know this kid?


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