We have finished the first week of school!

We have finished our first week of school and it went well.  I had expected a rather rough start, especially for Honey, and there were some tears and a lot of “Do I HAVE to do this?” But it was not as bad as I expected, and that makes it a good week.  

Dora doesn’t start school until next week and as much as I tried not to have her here, I caved a couple of times and tried to do school with her here.  It just doesn’t work.  My girls are too distracted by her presence.  Its not that she does anything wrong, its just her being here.  Maybe I should just give her schoolwork too.  It doesn’t matter now anyway as she starts school on Mon.

On Thurs. I had to take a break from school and go mail the required forms in to the school district to notify them of our homeschooling.   This happens to me every year, I have to stop schooling so that I can tell the state that I am schooling.  Something ironic there. 

We have started using workboxes this year, and for the kids it is going well.  They get a box, do what is in it, put it back and get another one.  They each have 12 boxes and ‘Recess’ and Lunch are marked on the boxes.  When they get to those, they stop and have free time until we all start again.  This keeps us somewhat together. 

The problem that I am having with workboxes is that it is taking me way to long to fill them each night.  I am going to try something new this week to see if I can make it go a little (or even a lot) faster.  I am also trying to record what the kids do every day.  This should be a quick and simple process of marking each thing done in the program that I am using, but somehow it is anything but simple.  Maybe next week will be better.


3 Responses to “We have finished the first week of school!”

  1. ksb08 Says:

    Praying for inspiration…I’m sure you will figure out a good system soon. I think it just takes time..

  2. ksb08 Says:

    Ps…I was asked today the, “Do I HAVE to do this”. Now mind you, I had just finish telling him what he had to do and then he throws that at me…ugh. Well, I just smiled and said….of course you HAVE to.

  3. Jenny Says:

    hope things are going better now that Dora is in school.

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