Camp was great, but the stuff we brought home is not so Great!

We had a great week at camp.  The speaker was great, the kids had fun, and mostly we just relaxed in a great place.  The bad news is that we brought home the flu.  Everyone is sick.  The kids and Dh have all had fevers, body aches, coughing,and some have sore throats and headaches.  I don’t feel great and am coughing but at least I am well enough to take care of everyone else.  So far only Kiddo’s asthma is acting up, and the breathing treatment made her throat hurt.  At least she is doing pretty well at the moment.


A funny from camp.  The last night Dearie was very nauseous.  She never got sick, but I sat up with her for quite a while.  She said that it wasn’t so bad if she was thinking about something else, so we started talking about other things.  She asked my if I liked blue because of the way it sounded.  Huh!?!  How can you like a color because of the sound of its name?  She then said that she liked Yellow, Orange, and Purple because she liked the sound of their names.  That is the definition of an auditory kid!


2 Responses to “Camp was great, but the stuff we brought home is not so Great!”

  1. ksb08 Says:

    You know, Sara’s new favorite is rot (German for red). I wonder if it is because she likes the sound of it. (It is rhymes with boat) You should ask Dearie if she likes the sound of rot. She

  2. ksb08 Says:

    oops…clicked submit before I could add that she really likes blau too…rhymes with wow…

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