Some thoughts.

I posted this on the Sonlight Forums and thought that I would share it here too.

If you are given a gift of money from someone unexpected, please just smile and say thank you. Don’t try to give the money back, don’t be embarrassed that you need it, be gracious to the giver and say thank you. If you truly don’t need the money, think about someone you know that does,  and ask (or just tell) the giver if you could re-gift part (or all) of the money to the new person. (Maybe God wants that person to have it and the only way to get it to them is through you receiving a gift.)

When you refuse a generous gift, you may be turning down more than your gift. The giver may feel bad for trying to give you a gift that you didn’t want and it may make it harder for the giver to give to the next person in need.

I know that it can be hard to accept a gift, but when you refuse you are also refusing to allow the giver the joy (and blessings) of giving. You may be refusing to allow them to do what God has asked them to do.

Just some things to think on this Holiday season.


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