I think that I have finally figured it out.

I am just trying to do too much, make that way too much.  I have a time for chores in the morning, but if I do my morning chores right it takes three times as long as I have scheduled.  No wonder I feel like I can never get everything done.  I think that it is back to the drawing board for my schedule.

The thing is that I didn’t realize this.  I really thought that I could do it in the time allowed, and when I didn’t I figured that I was just wasting too much time on something else.  When I broke it all down by jobs, I realized that I had scheduled two and a half hours of work in an hour’s time, and I need to be helping kids during that hour.  Of course it doesn’t work, why did I ever think that it would.  Now that I realize it, I can figure out what I want to drop, instead of just dropping the least urgent (which is never the least important) thing.  Maybe some things like vacuuming and mopping can start getting done again!

3 Responses to “I think that I have finally figured it out.”

  1. ksb08 Says:

    Earth to Tracy, Earth to Tracy…did you receive transmission?? “I think she finally got that message we sent…it must have been lost in cyber space.”

    I know what you mean. Good luck on reworking the schedule…I too struggle with being realistic…

  2. ksb08 Says:

    I read my comment and I have to say…I think my families sense of humor is rubbing off on me…just not enough to make any since at all….oh well…

  3. hnracademy Says:

    Well, the main point came through! Balance. Do you thing that if I bought a balance scale for Christmas it would help?

    I think maybe it is more like juggling than balancing though. With juggling it is easy to keep throwing in more balls and you can even keep them going for a while and then… they start to fall.

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