She did it!

Kiddo finished book 6 of Explode the Code (a phonics workbook).  There are an average of 8 pages per lesson in the book and 2 pages per day is what I schedule.  At the beginning of the week, Kiddo had 4 lessons left.  I honestly told her that she wasn’t going to finish the book before Christmas, that she would have to do a lesson per day to do that.  She told me that she was going to finish it before Christmas, and she did!  She did 8-10 pages a day for 4 days!  She plans to finish the series (two more books) this year.

I’m not sure why these books are so important to her, but I think that it is because it is something that her sisters didn’t do.  Dearie quit the series in book 4 (she could read, hated the workbooks, and I just didn’t see the point), and Honey quit in book 3 (the book was beyond what she could do and it was just too hard).  Kiddo realized this while doing book 4, and she said then that she wanted to do all of the books.  I would have let her quit as she was reading well, but she really wanted to finish the series.  I had to buy the last two from a different supplier as Sonlight doesn’t even sell the last two.  They have a lot of comprehension stuff in them and I don’t think that Kiddo will like them, but I am sure that she will make herself do them.  She wants to do all of something that her sisters didn’t.


2 Responses to “She did it!”

  1. Sandwich in Wi Says:

    I love the ETC workbooks and my kids have all done the first 3. One child liked them well enough to work through book 5 and maybe begin 6. I agree, though, once they are reading well, the books are just….too simple maybe?

    Good for your little one setting her mind to the challenge!


  2. hnracademy Says:

    I think that is the most impressive, she has put her mind to it, and she will do it. She has talked a little about starting book 7 this week, but its vacation and she decided to wait. I’m glad. Vacations should be a time for a break.

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