Would you take this to the rabbits?

Dearie came went to water the rabbits last night and the kitchen sink was full of dishes, so I told her to use the laundry room sink.  She filled the pitcher up and then brought it to me.  She thought something was wrong because the water was cloudy, I told her it was just air and that it was fine.  She didn’t believe me so I told her to ask her dad.  She did and this is what she said, “Would you take this to the rabbits?”  He said, “OK” and started to get his coat on.  She started to cry, “Noooooo!”  I stepped in to interpret.  He heard, “Would you carry this down to the rabbits for me?”  She meant, “Is this water okay to give to the rabbits?”  In the end, he said that the water was fine and she gave it to the rabbits.  I guess we need to work on saying what we mean.


One Response to “Would you take this to the rabbits?”

  1. ksb08 Says:

    I have a child(who is older than Dearie) who is still working on this…I’m trying not to interpret so much…but it’s a process.

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