Small bald spot.

One of my children, (who shall remain nameless since she is sensitive about it) has a small (size of a dime) spot on her scalp.  There is no hair growing in this spot.  I have been watching it for a while, but yesterday finally decided to take her to the Doctor about it. 

The doctor took a long look and said that it looked almost like Ring Worm of the scalp, but not quite.  It also looked a little like Alopecia areata, but once again, not quite.  She has sent us to the Dermatologist, but it will be three weeks before she can be seen. 

Ring Worm means 6 weeks of oral meds.  Sound like fun?

Alopecia areata means… well I’m not sure what that means.  After reading about it I guess it means that she has a bald spot that might grow back or it might not.  There might be more bald spots or there might not.  It is an auto-immune disease that often occurs with other auto-immune diseases so there would be blood tests to rule out other things.  That doesn’t sound like much fun either does it? 

Maybe there will be a third thing that is easier to deal with…


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