Happy New Year!

We had a great time last night.  Yesterday I realized that I needed to do something or the kids would drive me crazy.  They were so excited about staying up to see the ball drop! 

I let each girl pick a room, a game, and a snack.  We spent the afternoon getting each room ready (setting up and decorating tables) and making snacks. 

Dearie picked the schoolroom where there was already a table and a tablecloth (leftover from Christmas, we don’t do school on a tablecloth ;)).  She did have to put away a bunch of stuff, but she did a good job.  She picked a long Scrabble like game and she made little cheese and black olive sandwiches for her snack.

Honey picked the family room and helped set up a card table for Daddy’s game since her game was the Wii.  She made cookies with hard candy centers. 

Kiddo picked the living room where we set up a game table and she found a red checkered tablecloth and her table was very cute.   She picked a co-operative game that was fun.  She made chocolate peanut butter and apple roll-ups.

My room was the kitchen and for my snack I added chocolate chips to Honey’s leftover cookie dough.  My game was Ticket to Ride (I really like that game).

Dh shared the family room with Dh and his game was Pick Picknick. 

So at 8:00 we started in the kitchen and played my game.  When it was over we went to the school room and played Dearie’s game.  When that was over we took a 10 min. break and I looked at the clock.  It was already 10:30!  It was a good thing that the last 3 games were a lot shorter!  After our break we went to the living room and played Kiddo’s game.  Then it was off to the family room for Dh’s game.  From 11:30-11:55 the kids played on the Wii and then we switched the TV over to watch the ball drop.  We watched TV for about 10 min, before I sent the kids to bed. 

It was a fun way to spend time with just the family!


One Response to “Happy New Year!”

  1. ksb08 Says:

    What a great idea!! I miss the preteens who lived next door and would come over and entertain our kids on New Years. Of course, they are not preteens anymore and we have one more kids…yikes, time flies.

    We had a fun evening but we filled the later hours with the movie UP. Being Sara’s first year to stay up, I wanted something more mellow for the later hours. Maybe next year we will try your idea.

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