Sometimes Life is just not fair!

I really enjoy watching my girls learn.  It is so cool to see something ‘click’ for them.  Today I was sitting with Kiddo while she was doing a math worksheet.  It was not from her math book, but from a workbook I picked up at Sam’s.  Mostly, the workbook pages are just to keep her busy while I finish school with Dearie.  Today things worked out so that I could sit with her. 

She was doing problems like 14-6.  After she gave the answer of 8, I asked her how she did it.  She said that she took away 4 and then she needed to take away 2 more.  I love how she can break apart numbers in her head so easily!  It is so cool to watch. 

The problem is that watching her do this so easily also makes me sad.  Why is it so easy for her, and so hard for Honey.  Honey can do these types of problems, but there are a lot of tears and frustrations on her part.  She can do it but it is HARD!   There is no joy in it for her.  Sometimes life is just not fair.

One Response to “Sometimes Life is just not fair!”

  1. ksb08 Says:

    I know what you mean. One consolation is that it is neat to see that not everyone thinks or figures things out the same. And those who think differently often come up with ideas or solutions that would never come out of the head of those who find the simple answer.

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