A six-year-old conscience at work.

Last night, after the kids had been in bed for a while, Kiddo came down stairs crying.  She was very upset.  Dearie came down right after her, to explain that she didn’t know what was wrong, LOL.  I sent Dearie back to bed and tried to figure out why Kiddo was so upset.  I didn’t want to suggest things because then she just might decide to be upset about the things I suggested as well (if I didn’t guess right). 

Kiddo really did not want to tell me what was wrong.  She was clearly worried about what I would think.  She didn’t want to talk in front of her dad, so we went in the other room and I tried to drag it out of her.  She said that she would tell me in the morning.  That clued me into two thing: 1) she had done something wrong and was afraid of the consequences and 2) she was not going to get any sleep if she didn’t tell.  I upped the ante and told her that if she told now she wouldn’t get in any trouble, she just had to tell me.  She asked if she would get in trouble if she waited until morning.  I evaded the question and answered that she would not get in trouble if she told now.

Finally it all came out.  There were some foam hearts that she had wanted to use.  She had asked several times and I kept saying that we need to save them to use when we make Valentines.  Well, she didn’t wait.  She used some of them.  Not even all of them, just some of them!  I somehow managed not to laugh when she told me the problem.  I was very proud that she did the right thing and told me about it, but I really didn’t care at all about the foam hearts.  I told her that she wouldn’t get to use as many when we made Valentines, and sent her to bed.  She slept just fine all night long!


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