Another math book finished.

With three kids using a great variety of workbooks (some of which are only supposed to last a few months), and when each of those kids finishes each book much faster than the predicted amount of time, it seems that a book gets finished every other week around here.

We make a point to celebrate the completion of each book, and we had another celebration today.  Kiddo finished her math book!  She was pretty excited about it.  Excited enough to do about 3 days worth of math today, just so that she could finish.  I suppose that I didn’t help when I told her that she would have to start her new book a week from Mon. and the sooner she finished this one the longer her break would be.  She wants a looooooong break, so she was willing to work a little harder today to get it.  Maybe I will dig out the challenge math book for her to look at while she is “On Break.”  Dearie always liked that book. 

Sometimes people ask me if it is easy to “work ahead.”  I really have a hard time with that question.  My kids don’t really “work ahead” because they are not following anyone’s schedule but their own.  For math, we work 10-30 min. a day (Kiddo less than Dearie) and do as much as they can in that amount of time.  (Honey is using a different kind of program.  She tends to do one lesson a day.)  If it is review, then they may do three times as much as if it is a new difficult subject.  Is Kiddo ahead in math?  Yes, I suppose that anyway that you could find to compare her to public schooled kids, she would come out ahead.  But if I compare her to where I know that she could be with intense practice, then she is behind.   So my answer to the “work ahead” question is “Work ahead of who?”  Kiddo is right where she should be for her in math.

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3 Responses to “Another math book finished.”

  1. Jenny Says:

    Ahhhhhhhhhh. A homeschool lightbulb moment. Why did I never think to say we are going to work on this subject for this amount of time today instead of saying we need to complete this page, exercise, work on this idea. I tried it today and she not only did the page I wanted her to but also four review pages (next in the book) for phonics. And in math, wow, she was excited and happy to do her work. We will definitely be using time limits from now on. (At least until that no longer works 🙂 )

  2. hnracademy Says:

    Sometimes the best ideas are the simplest ones (and the hardest to come by).

  3. Sandwich in Wi Says:

    My kids LOVE to finish math books! They always write the date they finished it in the back cover and usually a comment. Daisy just finished Singapore 6 and wrote in great big letters, “I LOVE MATH!!!” with a thousand exclamation points. Then she had to go up to her box under her bed to find out when she stopped writing, “I HATE MATH” in the back of her books! At some point she switched sentiments 😀


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