A new reading game

For reading right now, Honey is using a spelling program.  I know it sounds weird, but All About Spelling does a great job of teaching the phonics rules.  I have Honey read the spelling words as well as spell them and her reading is really improving.  I would guess that she is getting close to grade level in reading. 

Honey finished All About Spelling level 1 at the end of January.  I gave her a week off from spelling and we have been playing spelling games during that week.  She came up with a really fun one on Thurs.  We used an old cribbage board and the stack of cards with spelling words on them that came with All About Spelling.  Each turn one of us would pick a card and read the word.  Then we had to say all the sounds in the word.  The other person would count how many sounds the word had and that would determine how many moves could be made.  [Hat has three sounds, move three spaces.   Trash has four sounds, move four spaces.]  To make the game more interesting we also used the middle track on the cribbage board.  If a player’s piece landed next to a line then they would move the middle piece one space forward.  If a player wanted to they could move the middle piece instead of their own piece.  If the middle piece landed next to a line then the player gets to move their own piece five places.  I know that it sounds complicated, but it really made the game a lot more interesting.  I also know that saying the sounds of words does not sound like it would help much, but it is something that is hard for Honey. 

After the game, Honey read to me from the new reader that we got from All About Spelling.  Sounding out the words seemed more natural after we had just spent so much time practicing it during the game.  This is a game that we WILL be playing again!


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