Pop Quiz!

Today during snack someone said something that reminded me that Honey just learned what plurals are.  So I said,”POP QUIZ!”   I asked Honey what more than one was called?  (Her book reviews this daily, but the review question is “What is the name for more than one?”)  She got it right off, and I said, “Pop Quiz over!”  Dearie was soooooooo disappointed that I gave in and gave her a Pop Quiz question (2/3 X 5/8).  Fractions are not her favorite, so she wasn’t thrilled with her question, but figured it out.  Then Kiddo had to have a turn, of course.  Her question was 5-8.  Yes, I typed it right, and yes, she got the answer right.  -3  

How about a picture of my silly, silly kids?

Yep! They are playing in the snow in the trampoline.  There is over a foot of snow in there.  (They are wearing three pairs of socks, and they didn’t stay very long.)  They said that there was so much snow that it was hard to jump!


3 Responses to “Pop Quiz!”

  1. Beverly Jacobson Says:

    Our kids love jumping on a snowy trampoline, too!! Too funny. 🙂 Thanks for visiting my blog! I’ll have to pop on yours now and then, too!

    Ted is a D.O. in his office…I guess they do a phone recall for a lot of the military folks, but I thought it was funny that they didn’t call them to actually say the base was closed today–just at 4:30 a.m. to tell them it would be a delayed start! Ted had the TV and radio on, trying to figure out for sure what was going to happen! 🙂

  2. hnracademy Says:

    How weird! I wonder how many of them showed up by accident?

  3. ksb08 Says:

    LOVE it!! If we had a trampoline….I’m sure my kids would be on it with snow.

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