World Math Day.

The girls have spent a lot of today practicing their math facts.  World Math Day is coming up and they want to be ready!

Registrations are now open for World Math Day. Someone at the Sonlight Forums told us about it last year and the girls had a blast! It is an online math drill where the kids play live with kids from around the world. Somehow knowing that there are other real kids that you can play against makes it more fun. Right now is practice, but there will be a 48 hour competition on March 3 (it is March 3 somewhere for 48 hours). There are prizes, but mostly it is just a fun way to practice those math facts. Check it out here:…5c2d9a61}&rt=3


3 Responses to “World Math Day.”

  1. Kelly Says:

    Sounds neat! I’ll have to check into that for next year, won’t fit into the schedule for this year since it’s tomorrow.
    I found your blog via your comment on this one
    You mentioned dealing with lots of complicated allergies and it caught my interest. You don’t have an archives option and I didn’t see a link anywhere to your story…do you have a blog post about your kids allergies? It sounds like our stories might be similar, we’ve been dealing with allergies/intolerances with all of our kids since their births, we’ve been actively searching for answers for three years and getting nowhere…as in different doctors saying different things and none of them giving us much help in the day to day. Anyways, I’m adding your blog to my bloglines and I look forward to getting to “know you” in this way. We homeschool also, so it will be fun to read your homeschooling posts!

  2. hnracademy Says:

    Hi Kelly,
    Thanks for stopping by!

    I’m sure that I have talked about our allergies some, but it is rather depressing so maybe I haven’t. If you click on the Healthy Eating link, you will find some interesting things that I have been pondering. I have been meaning to add the next post, but the next one I have in mind is about MSG and that is what we are dealing with. Everything on each of the other lists is a no-no for us. It is very hard. I will try to put up a post about how we figured out our allergies and sensitivities. It is an interesting story.

  3. Kelly Says:

    I understand the depressing part…I haven’t really blogged about our struggles either, just mentions here and there. Family (my biggest blog audience) knows the deal (and most of them don’t get it anyway) and since the focus of my blog isn’t that aspect of life, I haven’t really blogged it. I’m just thinking from the little snippet I’ve seen from you that our stories may be very very similiar. I’m going to try and find time this week to come back and read what you’ve posted, I did read about corn and that’s a HUGE one for us as well.

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