Chutes and Ladders is back!

I don’t think that I could teach math without Chutes and Ladders.  It works so well for practicing math facts because it is long enough to have many moves, but not so long as to be boring.  The game part of climbing a ladder or going down a chute keeps it fun.

In the past week we have played at least 3 new variations.

For subtraction:

Use 4 dice

1 20-sided die

1 12-sided die

1 10-sided die

1 8-sided die

(Any variation of these will work. I am thinking about picking up some more so that we could use 2 20-sided and 2 12-sided dice)

 Roll the dice. Add the 20-sided to the 12-sided. Add the 10-sided to the 8-sided. Then subtract the second number from the first. My kids understand negative numbers well enough that if we get one, they go backwards on the game board. With this set-up of dice it does happen, but not very often.

 For Percents:

(Dearie is needing a bit more practice than is offered in Singapore. This is only the second topic that this has happened on, so it is no big deal to me to add in a little extra practice.)

 Use 4 dice

1 10-sided die that has tens on it (00, 10, 20, 30…)

1 4-sided die

1 10-sided die (0-9)

1 8-sided die

(If I had more 10-sided (0-9) dice, I would use three of those and the 10-sided die that has tens on it.)

Roll the dice. Add the 10-sided die that has tens on it to the 4 sided die. For example if you roll a 30 and a 4 then you would have 34. Then take the other two numbers and put them together to get a large number. For example if you roll a 7 and a 8 you would say that the number is 78. The first number is a percent and we want to find that percentage of the second number. So in the example, we would find 34% of 78. We get 26.52. We then round to 27 and that is how much that person gets to move. For this game we said that the winner would be the first one to complete the game board 5 times. We do use calculators for this game, but not the % key.

 Another Percents game:

(Dearie was having trouble understanding how when you compare two numbers with percents, the percentage could be larger than 100. This game practices comparing two numbers with percents.)

Use 4 dice

Any dice that only have single digit numbers on them will work.

 Roll the dice. Decide how you will lay out the dice (we said that we would put the two white dice together to make a number always putting the big one first, and that we would put the pink and purple dice together always putting the pink one first). Then make two numbers from the four dice. (If we rolled a 3, a 9, a 5, and a 0 we would have 39 and 50. ) Then ask what % of 50 is 39. We always put the dice in the same order so sometimes we got what % of 24 is 48? When we got our answer (again using calculators) we moved the first number of the percentage. So if we got 85% we would move 8, if we got 104% we would move 10. It was a fun game and I think that it made Dearie a bit more familiar with finding percents.


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