Funny Sap story.

One day last week I had got some sap down to the last stage, and it boiled over.  When it boils over, the syrup converts to sugar pretty quickly and in this case when I removed the pan from the burner the remaining sugar caught fire.  Now the flames were not even an inch tall and if I had been alone, I probably would have just let it burn out, but I wasn’t alone and the kids panicked.  Dearie was saying, “Where is the fire extinguisher?”  and  “Do we have a fire extinguisher?”  I really can’t believe how calm I was.  I grabbed a big pan lid and as I put it over the fire I said, “What three things does a fire need?”  Dearie smiled and said, “Oxygen!”  The fire went out and it was no big deal, except that it was a big sticky mess to clean up.


2 Responses to “Funny Sap story.”

  1. Kelly Says:

    I imagine that was quite a gooey mess to clean up! Glad you were able to keep calm and that it wasn’t a big deal. We have one son absolutely terrified of fire (unless it’s outside) and he would have freaked out. Which in turn, would have probably made such a little ruckus a very big one around here.

  2. ksb08 Says:

    lol…I can picture my kids doing the same thing. Did you manage to get it all cleaned off?? I would have went straight for the magic eraser to clean up a mess like that….well, okay, paper towels and then magic eraser…

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