Standardized Testing

Its that time of year again.  Time to do our yearly standardized test.  This year only Kiddo and Honey have to take the test because Dearie took the Explore test a couple of months ago and I will use it as her test.

I got the test for Kiddo and Honey a couple of days ago.  I looked them over, and even though Honey is 6 months younger than Dearie was when she took this test I think that she will do just as well.  There is nothing on the test that she doesn’t know or can’t do.  The only question is to see how well she takes tests.

Honey on the other hand is harder to gauge.  I’m pretty sure that she will ace the Science and Math sections, but everything else is based on reading so that will be a bit more tricky for her.  My guess is that she will be close to grade level, at least I hope so!

As far as the state is concerned, as long as they get above the 25% mark for their composite (average of all scores) there is no problem.  I’m sure that they can get above 25%!


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