New Schedule

We won’t be starting school until Sept, but we have already started the non-school parts of the new schedule.  Every year I make a schedule for school.  It is a pain, trying to figure out when and where everyone should be, but it is well worth it.  I can’t have a kid doing Spanish and practicing the piano at the same time because the computer and the piano are right next to each other and the person doing Spanish on the computer wouldn’t be able to hear anything if someone was trying to play the piano.  It is these little details that having a written schedule helps me to see.

Starting the non-school parts early is a new thing this year, but I can already see that it is going to be really helpful.  The kids are balking at their new chores and getting them used to that ahead of time will lessen the battles on the first day of academic stuff.

Hopefully it will get us all used to doing the things that need to be done, and doing them quickly.  It took us till almost 11am to get chores done this morning!  (We are supposed to start school at 9am.)  After lunch was even worse.  A combination of chores that are hard because they have not been done in a while and kids who didn’t want to do them.  (When the door to the bathroom won’t open because no one has picked up in there in… I don’t know how long, it takes longer than if it was cleaned yesterday.)  I know that eventually the kids get to the point that they do the chores because it is time to do them and stop complaining.  I hope that we get to that point soon!

Well I gotta run!  It is time for my chores and I guess that I need to set a good example ;).


2 Responses to “New Schedule”

  1. CrazyD Says:

    I hope all goes well with the new school schedule. We will be firing up the home school here at our house next week, so it is off to the races!

  2. ksb08 Says:

    Don’t you just love chores:)
    They will eventually figure it out but I understand the attitudes…we have them here too. We keep telling our son that if he would just pick up his legos every evening then it wouldn’t turn into an overwhelming mess…

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