Birthday gifts

Parents used to stay up all night the night before Christmas putting bicycles together.  What do they do now?  Stay up all night trying to figure out how to make the electronics work, of course.

Honey got an MP3 player for her birthday.  I wanted to load several books on it for her to listen to, but when I tried… I just couldn’t get it to work.  So I asked DH (the computer guru) for help.  He managed to come up with a few ideas, but it still wouldn’t work.  We finally sat down together and figured out that the player that I bought would not work with the software that I was trying to use.  What a pain!  DH ended up finding an old MP3 player of his that we were able to load with the books that I wanted to put on it.  So we weren’t up all night, and Honey didn’t get the cool looking pink MP3 player, but she did get the stories that she wanted to listen to!

Both girls got a lot of great gifts, but I think the biggest hits were horse-back riding and gymnastic classes, and everything relating to said items!


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