Doctor’s Appointments

We have had a busy week, and it is not even finished yet.  Honey had an eye doctor’s appointment on Mon.  Yet another doctor in our quest to help her read better.  I was expecting more vision therapy, but the doctor said that glasses were the way to go.  Evidently Honey compensates pretty well for her astigmatism and her far-sightedness, but it takes a lot of work and she wears out quickly.  The last eye doctor we saw noticed both of these things, but said that they were minor and didn’t need any treatment.  This eye doctor said that it didn’t look too bad until she dilated Honey’s eyes, and then she could see that Honey really could use glasses.  The glasses may not be forever, but for now we hope that they will help.

Honey brought home a book from the library yesterday and sat down and read it to me.  She read well for the first 3-4 min. then she started skipping words and having trouble and wanted to quit.  This gives me hope.  If the glasses can keep her from wearing out so quickly, maybe she will be able to stick with it longer.  (When we were doing school, reading was in the middle to end of the day.  Maybe her eyes were already worn out and that is why she had so many problems.)  She should get her new glasses next week.

Kiddo was the next to see a doctor.  She went to the ENT.  I really didn’t want to take her as the ENT is a surgeon, so the way they fix things is by surgery.  Of course I was right (didn’t really want to be in this case), he wanted to do surgery.  Kiddo’s tonsils are enlarged.  She comes by it honestly as she is at least the forth generation in our family to have this problem.  (Not every kid, but at least one kid in each generation.)  The thing is that they don’t get infected, so I wonder if they really need to come out.  She does snore, and maybe even has some sleep apnea issues that would be helped by taking them out, but I am still not eager to have them out.  The ENT suggested a sleep study to prove to ourselves that they need to come out.  That sounded better than just taking them out because they are big, but it could be an expensive study.  Why are these decisions so hard (and expensive)?


One Response to “Doctor’s Appointments”

  1. ksb08 Says:

    Yeah about the glasses…booooo about the tonsils. I’ll have to call and talk to you about the sleep study… I didn’t enjoy it myself…I wonder how it would work for a child. Talk to you soon…

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