Its time for Kiddo to start gymnastics again, and Honey is going with her!  Honey didn’t seem to excited when she pulled the leotard out of her stocking.  Even when I explained it to her, all I got was a shrug, but in the days since…  Honey and Kiddo have been playing “gymnastics” almost everyday.  They get dressed up and practice the things that Kiddo has already learned.  We had a warm day a few days ago, and Honey went out to practice climbing the rope.  She managed to get up about 6-8 feet off the ground.  (High enough for me, LOL)  She seemed rather shaky, so once she gets better at it, I wouldn’t be surprised if she goes higher.  I’m not sure how to put a limit on it.  (Its not like I can climb up the rope and paint a line on it. LOL)  She may not have shown it at first, but Honey is very excited about her chance at gymnastics class.  She put her leotard more than an hour before class.  I put all that excitement to good use, and told them to clean their room before gymnastics. 😉


They both had a great time at gymnastics, and are looking forward to next week.



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