Anyone want to get a jump on birthday gifts?

I ran across a great fundraiser/gift idea for Christmas, now someone else is doing the same fundraiser.  They are selling hooded towels for $25, and they get to keep almost half to help fund their adoption.  (This family is trying to raise money to bring home three (yes three) kids from Bulgaria.)  I have been following this blog for quite a while, and they have had a host of delays that mean cost increases.

The towels are really wonderful.  Very thick and well made. Very much worth $25.  They are big enough for Dearie, and with the hood on they come to Kiddo’s knees.  We got pink ones with block letters on them, and it really helps with keeping track of towels.  (If one is on the floor, now I know who it belongs to.)

So anyway, if you are interested hop on over here:

(You might have to cut and past the link into the address line to get it to work.)

If you have any questions, just ask!


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