Salsa, Salsa everywhere, but not a bit to eat.

I spent yesterday with a friend making salsa.  We worked from 2pm until 9pm (with an hour break for dinner).  We made 25.5 quarts of salsa.  It was a lot of work, but it should keep us both in salsa until time to make more next year.  There is bad news however.  Because we made pickled salsa, it will Christmas time before it is ready to eat. 😦  The good news is that I still have some left from last year, so we won’t be short of salsa.

On the school front, things went pretty well this week.  The girls have all chosen to design an island resort for their project.  We have looked at real island resorts (on-line of course), and they have had a lot of great ideas.  Honey is really getting into this.  On Thursday we studied the type of houses used in the pacific islands (modern houses like ours, or round or oval traditional houses).  On Friday, both kinds of houses appeared on her resort.  On Friday, we learned a little about traditional dances, and later that day a dance floor showed up in her resort.  It is so cool to see her using the info that she is learning.  Her resort is beginning to look like a “Where’s Waldo” book.  There are lots and lots of details.

Kiddo’s resort is being drawn in a notebook.  Each page is something that she wants in her resort.  To look at it, you would think that she had just scribbled on each page, to listen to her tell about what she has drawn, you can tell just how much she is learning.

Dearie’s time to work on her project is after lunch.  Since we don’t start doing school after lunch until next week, she really hasn’t started on hers yet. She has started talking about it though, so I’m sure that hers will turn out great too.

Honey finished her math book yesterday.  (She only had a few pages left when we quit for the summer.)  She gets a week off from math books, so I will have lots of great math games to share next week (as soon as I think them up, LOL).



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