Our first full day of school. (Math game at the end.)

To be totally honest here, our first full day of school went really lousy.  It wasn’t the new part of the day either, it was the very first part.  The part that we have been doing for two weeks.  It was Kiddo.  She was a bit on edge today.  She had a few episodes of whining, but the big problems came with math.  She didn’t understand what they wanted her to do the first time I explained it.  I had explained it rather badly, but there were no second chances, it was too hard and she couldn’t do it.  I kept at it and she kept whining.  I finally told her that she would have to do another page because she couldn’t stop until she had a good attitude.

The first page was about cups, pints, quarts and gallons.  I had gotten out my measuring cups to help understand the concepts.  With the help of the measuring cups and more explanation from me she was able to finish the page.  I thought about putting the cups away, but I didn’t.  Last week she broke something of hers because she was upset.  She didn’t mean to, but being upset she was too rough with it.  I thought that she had learned her lesson.  (Silly me.)

We started the second page of math.  She needed the rods to do the page so I asked her to get them.  She got them off of the shelf and slammed them down on the table.  I told her to put them away.  Once they were away, I asked her to get them out nicely.  (Good parenting move, huh?)  She did so and set them on the table (not gently, but not too roughly).  For about 1/2 a second, I was relieved that we wouldn’t have to do this 10 times then she shoved the box.  Guess what was behind the box?  Yep, the GLASS measuring cups.  All three of them landed on the floor, but only the big one broke.

She was sorry.  I know that she just shoved the box, and didn’t think about the cups behind it.  For once, I was able to stay calm.  I guess that I had known that it was a possibility.  She cleaned up the broken glass (with help, of course), and sat down to finish her math.  She will have to buy me a new one out of her money.

Dearie also had some issues today.  Issues like not wanting to practice piano.  I had decided yesterday that if I could just get her to SIT at the piano for 20 minutes, I would consider it a good thing.  It took repeated requests from me, but she finally sat down at the piano.  She even practiced her songs!  The first part was a pain, but the ending was good!

Now for the MATH GAMES!  Last night I asked Honey what kind of game she wanted.  I was not surprised when she said that she wanted a horse game.  Of course!  She also said an active game and no math games, LOL.  I told her that it was for math, it would have to be a math game.  She said that she only wanted to do addition, no subtraction or multiplication or division.  Well, I had decided to start with addition so no problem.  Here is a picture of the math board that I made:

It is just the felt square numbers that I made waaaaaaay back when I was in college.  A few are missing, so I just put masking tape on some blank felt squares and called it good, LOL.  I made flash cards with the facts that I wanted to review.  I figured that I could pull them out of the pile if she knows them quickly and easily.  Then I showed her a card and she had to jump on the answer.  For answers like 14 she put one foot on 1 and one foot on 4.  (Maybe I should have had her do 10 and 4 hmmmm….. have to think about that one.)  Every time she jumped on a number I put a penny on the felt square.  If it was a number like 14 both the 1 and the 4 got a penny.  At the end, I had her count up the pennies and figure out how many nickles to trade them in for.  (Had to sneak in one division problem, LOL.)  It wasn’t much of a game, but it did give her some much needed practice in addition.

I think that we will do something with horses tomorrow.


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