Second full day done, and I’m exhausted!

Another day done!

Kiddo managed to get into her whiny, fussy mood by our second subject.  We really did have a few weeks of almost no whinyness (spell check doesn’t think that is a word, but I do, LOL), but it is back full force now.  By writing about it, it helps me to see how often it is really happening.

During EHE (Easter Hemisphere Explorer, our History/Geography workbook), Kiddo totally lost it.  She was frustrated because I had started helping Honey and Kiddo didn’t even have her computer turned on yet.  My thought was to find the right place in the World Book Encyclopedia article and then I would be able to tell Kiddo where to look.  But it just wasn’t happening.  Kiddo ended up in her room and had to do EHE during “recess.”

On the bright side, math went VERY well today!  It was still a bit confusing for her, but she allowed me to repeat/vary my explanations until she understood.  I guess that we are making progress.

On a side note, Honey scraped her food on a nail(?) last night.  I was at the grocery store, so I didn’t hear about it until this morning.  I was relieved when I heard that it bled a lot.  Weird, I know, but if it bleeds well then it will wash out any infection causing bacteria.  We already had one badly infected foot, don’t need another one.  Honey’s foot is looking a lot better, but I do plan to keep an eye on it.

For Honey’s math game today, we didn’t do much.  She laid out her new flower covered blanket and jumped on flowers as she did the flash cards.  Maybe I will come up with something better tomorrow.


PS  Did you know that 4 cup measuring cups can run as much as $15?  Yikes!


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