Promotion Sunday

For the first time ever, not all of my children have somewhere to go during church.  One of them has grown up enough to be too old for such things.  Now she goes to church with me one hour and then has a worship time and then a small group time.  She likes going to church with me.  The stuff with kids her own age is a bit more nerve wracking (she is the only 6th grade girl, so all the other girls are a bit older), but she did fine.

After church today, I sent her up to her class (I was afraid that my nervousness would rub off on her).  After about 10min. I sent a friend (who has reason to be there) up to check on her (such a silly mom thing, I know).  He came back and said that she was still nervous (he has known her since she was born, he can tell), but doing fine.  (The time between services is “hang out” time.  I wondered how she would do with that.)  I know she will do fine, but hey, I’m the mom and I worry about these things.

I guess that I don’t have three “little” girls any more.


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