Crazy Day

My day went something like this:

Wake up late because I forgot to set my brand new alarm clock (who plugs in a brand new alarm clock and then forgets to set it?).

Breakfast is late because I got up late.

School starts late because breakfast is late.

Dh is not ready when the guy who is cutting up our tree gets here, (yes, the tree that fell last winter) because the kids slept late (because I slept late) and their noise didn’t wake him up.

School is not done (for the morning) when the piano teacher gets here because school started late.

School is not done (for the day) when our friends are supposed to show up because school for the morning was done late (but they canceled at the last min, so that worked out).

Snack is late because school finished late.

Chores are rushed because snack was late (and no one wanted to do them).

But… dinner was on time and the kids went to bed early.  So maybe tomorrow will be a better day!

I HATE days like this!



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