I feel like I lost a week!

Being sick is no fun.  Everyone here had it.  Honey is just now getting over it, being the last one to get it.  We did get school in Mon. and Tue of last week, but the rest of the week was lost.  Yesterday I tried, but I was still pretty worn out and Honey was sick and we didn’t get much done.

Today was a good school day. As far as scheduling goes, I am counting last week as a week off, and we have a head start on this week.  I haven’t figured out how long we will go into the spring, and so an extra week doesn’t stress me out right now.  (When we get closer to spring, it will probably be another story.)

The good news is that Kiddo started her new math book yesterday.  The first pages are just review and I thought about letting her skip them, but then I realized that they quickly move into teaching bar diagrams.  They use easy math (review) to teach them, but they are very important for the next three years of math so I decided to not skip any of the exercises.

Dearie’s math is also going well.  We are taking it very slow, but I am more worried about understanding than speed.  Those bar diagrams that Kiddo is learning are coming back to haunt Dearie.  Dearie is doing easy algebra equations.  The idea is to use easy word problems to learn how to put the problem into algebraic notation.  But, because she learned the bar diagram method, Dearie can do a lot of these easy problems in her head.  It is so frustrating to her to hear that I don’t care about the answer, but I want to see the equation!  Poor kid.

Honey is also moving slowly in math right now.  When we hit this “hard spot” I worried a lot.  Should I change math programs again?  Should I add something else in?  I did end up adding in a math drill computer program that she love,  but for the main math book, we are just taking it slow.  Like 3-4 days per page slow.  It is killing me, but I see the light bulb going on for her.  This stuff that she didn’t get last week she is getting now.  Maybe the next topic will be easier for her, but maybe not.


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