Bible Bowl Season has begun!

We had our first round robin last weekend!  Our older kids (the Bible Bowl team) were the only ones to attend.  Next month the younger kids (the Beginner Bible Bowl team) will get to play too.  Our Bible Bowl team took first place, and one of our players tied for first on the test.  Dearie scored 11 points too low (out of 150 points) to make the top ten on the test.  Considering that this was her first Bible Bowl test (it is a bit different than the Beginner tests) and that she didn’t even come close to finishing, I was thrilled (Dearie, not so much).

I am happy with how the Beginner team is doing.  I am coaching them again this year, so I know pretty well how all of the players are doing.  The thing that I am most happy with is that when we practice, all of the kids buzz in.  They compete to beat each other.  I am not an expert at this game, but it seems that if your kids are competing against each other, they will get faster.  (When one child does all of the buzzing, the others often give up and don’t even try to buzz in.)  It is fun to coach a team where all them members are participating!  The only thing that I don’t know is how well they will do in competition.  When it comes to buzzing in, a half a second can make a huge difference.  While our kids are buzzing in earlier than in years past, I can’t tell if it will be early enough to win.  I guess that I will have to wait until next month to find out.


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