Some cool school stuff

Today we there was a couple of cool moments in school.

The first was in Honey’s math.  She didn’t want to do her math (like always), so I decided to change it up.  The page that she was supposed to do was about the different names of 6.  (Things like 24 divided by 4 and 12 divided by 2.)  I took all the facts and wrote them out on note cards and then added a few more (whose answer was not 6) and laid them out around the room.  I pulled out the bug stickers and she decided to put a bug on any answer that was not 6 and a butterfly on any answer that was a 6.  She was running all over the room trying to get back before I could find the next sticker.  She was laughing and having fun!  She also seemed to understand the math!  It was a good math lesson.  Hmmm… I wonder what tomorrow will hold for her math.


The other cool moment came in Honey and Kiddo’s science.  They do science together and it works well.  They are doing a science program that I designed for Dearie a few years back.  It is all about the scientific method.  We read from the book “How to Make Your Science Project Scientific” and then work through the process of doing a project.  I made up worksheets for Dearie, and we are using those.  On Monday the girls picked an experiment to do.  (They are going to try to figure out which sweetener works best in lemonade.)  On Tuesday they stated their hypothesis’ and stated the procedure for the experiment.  Today was cool.  We researched some aspects of the experiment.  (I know, what can you learn about lemonade!  That’s what I thought.)  The girls had to come up with three things that they wanted to know more about.  (This was in the worksheet. They know that I created it but they have forgotten.  It holds more weight to have to fill out a paper than to just answer Mom’s questions.) They wanted to know which sweetener was the sweetest, more about the sense of taste, and something about the history of lemonade.  They learned a lot today.  They tasted all of the sweeteners that we are using (honey, raw sugar, white sugar, and powdered sugar) and agreed with what I found on the internet.  Honey is sweeter than the others, but the others are about the same.  They learned that taste buds are not just on the tongue.  They learned two different stories about how pink lemonade came about (not much about the history of plain lemonade out there).  It was cool seeing them come up with their own questions to answer and then finding the answers.  Of course, they just want to get to the making of lemonade!  They still have a couple of days to wait.  Tomorrow we will learn about how to record results and then finally on Friday they can do the experiment.  That will be a fun day!

While we were doing science, Dearie barged in.  She was practically yelling as she told me all about what she had just learned.  It wasn’t all that exciting to me, but it was something new to her.  (Yay!  new info is what she lives for.)  She was excited about science too!

I enjoy the lessons where the kids are excited about learning.  Unfortunately, that doesn’t happen everyday.  Maybe we can see more of the good stuff in the coming weeks.


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