Summer 2010

From the time my kids were little, I have had it in my head that the only activities that count are the ones that get written down.  I know that it is not right, but it’s how I think.  It probably comes from my training at Kinder Care were everything had to be planned and documented (and the fact that I quickly forget everything).  So for this summer, I am going to use this page to document all the fun things that we do.  Hopefully it will be a long list.

Children’s museum

Cousins visit

Pick Strawberries

See Hello Dolly (Honey’s Art teacher had the lead roll.)

Play in sprinkler

Compete in Beginner Bible Bowl Nationals

Visit Indoor Water Park (Bible Bowl Nationals)

Work in garden at friend’s house

Dearie and DH go to “My Parent and Me” weekend at camp

Paint the Kitchen Yellow

Go to VBS with Dora


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